Massage Envy fail

Ever since race weekend I've been wanting to get a massage. All that built up stress and tension in my shoulders has been bothering me. And after an 11.5 mile run on Saturday where my right hamstring never loosened up, I decided it was finally time to make an appointment.

There are these chains around here, Massage Envy, Massage Heights, etc that are open seven days a week. So I called around until I found a place that could see me this weekend. They asked if there were any specific areas I needed worked on - right hamstring - and told me to show up 10-15 mins early.

So on Sunday I arrived for my 3pm appointment at 2:45. They had me sit and fill out paperwork, where again, I stressed what areas needed the most work. My masseuse did not come to get me until 3:05. She took me to my room, asked me specific problem areas - right hamstring - and then left me alone for 10 mins.

Now I'm already antsy bc we're starting late. Laying face up, she starts with my neck, then arms, then legs. This lasts maybe 15 mins. I turn over and she starts with my left leg then moves to the right. And then nothing. Less than 3 mins on my hamstrings. Why ask where the problem areas are if you are not going to work on them?!? She works on my back and shoulders for the rest of the massage which ends after 45 mins. What a great hour-long massage.

Thanks for nothing Massage Envy, my right hamstring is still just as tight as when I went in.


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