Bachelor drinking game

This sounds like a good idea for tonight...

 Take a sip of your drink every time…
-Sean stares pensively into the distance as a voiceover describes:
-his heartbreak on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette
-his desire to find his wife
-how much he want kids
-A girl describes a fellow contestant as:
-not here for the right reasons
-Sean tells one of the girls:
-he’s glad they’re there
-he wouldn’t want to share this moment with anyone else
-he has a “special connection” with them
-Sean is shirtless
-Sean kisses one of the bachelorettes
-Sean is shown working out/playing sports
-a form of transportation other than a car is used on a date
-Any of the girls describes their relationship with Sean as:
-meant to be
-best friends in love
-anyone is going on a long walk on a beach
-Sean says he believes his future wife is in the room
-Anyone says the one thing missing in their life is a special person to share it with
-You realize how single you are
-Dating multiple women at once is described as a “process” or “journey”
-you get secondhand embarrassment from how desperate some of the girls seem
-The bachelorettes bitch about Tierra
-one of the girls reveals a tragic moment from her past to Sean
-Sarah’s one arm is mentioned
-Sean says he had to “make a lot of tough decisions” before a rose ceremony
-Evil music plays as the token crazy girl of the season is shown
-One of the girls says they’re “living a real life fairytale”
Do a shot every time…
-Sean has to comfort a jealous, hysterical bachelorette
-One of the girls is eliminated on a date instead of the rose ceremony
-A girl has a breakdown in the limo after they’ve been eliminated
-Sean makes out with one of the girls and it isn’t awkward (this probably won’t happen, don’t worry)

Finish your drink if…
-you don’t have alcohol poisoning by now


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