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Less than 10 days til Xmas

I started this blog on Monday and am just now getting around to finishing it. It's been a pretty busy week. That's what happens in December. I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday or Wednesday when I suddenly realized...omg Christmas is next week. I hadn't bought a single gift for my family yet (sorry Mom) and had not put up my tree.

Last week I had mexican food (or at lesat margaritas and chips) seven times in eight days. Sounds like some sort of record for me. First time I ever had Torchy's good.

I got a few runs in, some were pretty good, some were on the treadmill. This morning E and I and another friend went downtown at 5am to help set up for the 12K of Christmas and then me and E ran it. We did just under 10minute miles the whole time, it was a training run for E and I was just along for the ride. Then later today I finally downloaded the software for my garmin. I've been using it since February and I've only logged 362 miles in 107 runs. Seems…

Monday morning musings

I started this post yesterday morning...this is how busy I am right now. So let's just look at a snapshot of my life right now.


Catching up

Seems like all I do lately is catch you on what's been happening in my life through pictures...and guess what, I'm doing it again.

I stayed in Houston for Thanksgiving again this year. Oof, was it an early morning. Ran the Turkey Trot with E at a comfortable 9/min pace. Went home and made myself breakfast...with mimosas. Bc, why not? And then E's family was nice enough to invite me to dinner again.

What else happened. Cooked Friday night at my place, did nothing on Saturday, worked from home and then cooked at G's on Sunday, was feeling green all day Monday and cooked last night for SoA.

Besides the Turkey Trot, I've only run twice in the past five days. Once felt horrible, tho the pace was decent, and the second was on the treadmill and I felt semi-decent. I really would like to try and start running over lunch, but it's going to have to wait until next week.
We have a work event tomorrow night - the Hall of Fame dinner at the Grove - so I'm getting a b…

What's been going on lately

It's getting to be that time of year where I'm too busy to do much after work, like run. And let's not forget that cold front that moved in for a week. At least that ended a few days ago. But it brought with it my winter blues...just a little early this year. 
As soon as it gets cold my skin dries out and so does my hair and I just feel blah. It gets dark so early that it's difficult to fit a run in and I feel so out of shape. 
I need to not let this happen this year. yes I'm busy at work, but so is everyone else. If I can run at lunch, that would eliminate one problem. I also need to start bringing my lunch to work again. I've been making some not so great take out choices lately. What else. I tried to schedule a haircut but with the holidays approaching I couldn't get an appointment until Dec 29th! #fail 
But but's what else I've been up to. Last weekend I had drinks with a girlfriend from Indy...she's living down the road in Sugar…

Weekend recap

It was a good weekend. D came in to visit, got here Thursday night...I love it when family comes to visit.

The only things I had planned when I knew he was coming revolved around food and drink. #duh

Friday during the day we went to the Galleria and then to the new Whole Foods down the street...ah-mazing. Then Stone's Throw for happy hour. Love me a progressive happy hour - $4 drinks from 4-5pm, $5 from 5-6pm, etc. And the stone's throw punch...perfection. BUT. But they don't have food there. So after a few hours we went down the street to Berryhill for a few margaritas and some dinner.

Pretty sure we didn't get up until the afternoon on Saturday...and I was def looking forward to Chuy's for lunch. D had told me before he even got here that he wanted to go back. Food was great...service was iffy. Next up...a trip to Costco! Love that place.** We had decided to grill out at E's house that night, so we needed to pick up some food for dinner. Three pounds of ste…