Weekend recap

It was a good weekend. D came in to visit, got here Thursday night...I love it when family comes to visit.

The only things I had planned when I knew he was coming revolved around food and drink. #duh

Friday during the day we went to the Galleria and then to the new Whole Foods down the street...ah-mazing. Then Stone's Throw for happy hour. Love me a progressive happy hour - $4 drinks from 4-5pm, $5 from 5-6pm, etc. And the stone's throw punch...perfection. BUT. But they don't have food there. So after a few hours we went down the street to Berryhill for a few margaritas and some dinner.

Pretty sure we didn't get up until the afternoon on Saturday...and I was def looking forward to Chuy's for lunch. D had told me before he even got here that he wanted to go back. Food was great...service was iffy. Next up...a trip to Costco! Love that place.** We had decided to grill out at E's house that night, so we needed to pick up some food for dinner. Three pounds of steak, two pounds of brussel sprouts...but I just could not bring myself to buy 10 pounds of sweet potatoes so we ran over to H-E-B for those and the wine.

Brunch Sunday at one of my new favorite places, Dish Society, and then it was almost time for him to go. We did a little more shopping. Went back to the house for a minute. And then it was time to head out to the airport.It was a short but good trip and I can't wait til the next time someone comes to visit.

And then, since it had been a few days since my last trip there, we went to Pistolero's for dinner. I feel like I'm doing something wrong with my life if we don't go there at least twice a week.

**We found out as we were leaving H-E-B that a woman had just been robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of Costco at about the same time we were there. Good thing I had D with me...you know that stuff tends to always happen to me!

Stone's Throw


Home-cooked meal

Dish Society

OMG...time to work

Quality time with Gordeaux



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