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Only Monday

It's been a long weekend. Between Lola being sick all weekend and a last minute "conference call" with some fam, I'm ready for it to be the weekend again already! What do you mean it's only Monday?!

I put Lola in her kennel Friday morning before I left for yoga, let her out when I got back and then when I went to put her back in before leaving for work, she would not get in. So I looked inside. And she had thrown up all over her blanket up front. Cleaned it out, she went in and I came back over lunch and she seemed fine. Until later that night right after dinner...It was a messy weekend. So other then yoga, running and a brief nap at the pool, I didn't leave the house too much. We went on some pretty frequent walks.

After texting with a friend who works for the vet, I took her in first thing this morning and am waiting on some answers.

You know what all this leads me to believe? I still need a vacation! I've been talking about doing something/going somew…

Here's what: 3.11.16

It's been another short/long week. I'm trying to do all the yoga and running, but life occasionally gets in the way. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with this week. 

USA Indoors are this weekend. Followed by World Indoors next weekend. Lots of track & field to follow. Even after all these years, when events like this roll around it feels weird not to be there. 

Brunch. By far the best meal of the week. And I'm always looking for a new spot to go to. Big fan of Dish Society on San Felipe with their $14 carafes of mimosas. Also love Max's Wine Dive and Brasserie 19. Thrillst just put out a new list...Best New Brunches in Houston You Need to Try Now...and I think I might. Quite a few places on the list I want to try out. I wonder if this Boozy Brunch article is up to date...I didn't think Houston allowed bottomless mimosas anymore, but if they do there are some more places I need to try out!

The Erin Andrews decision. A jury awarded the sportscaste…

Random is as random does

Monday morning I went to Hot Core Explosion for the second time in seven days. I always feel so out of shape when I go to this class even though I know I'm not. I went back this morning and it was just as hard as ever. Hopefully if I keep it up I will at least be able to do the whole class soon!I ran three miles after work Monday and Tuesday, nothing super fast, just recovery runs.After Monday night's margarita festivities, I ate TWO kolaches for breakfast on Tuesday #failI have been eating much healthier lately, but I still have very little willpower when it comes to food...and alcohol...and if it's around and I like it, I will eat/drink it. I'm going to the rodeo tonight where our suite will be stocked with sliders, hot dogs, popcorn, chips and booze, etc. Must. Not. Over. Indulge. I just registered for the Bayou City Classic 10K on March 19th. Really don't think I'm ready for that distance yet, but the 5K was an un-timed race and I don't see the point in…

What happened to the weekend?

Weekends go by so quickly. They should be longer. Although we are quickly approaching the time of your for me that is also know as hurry up and schedule 20 vacation/comp days before you lose them at the end of May. So there will be many random days off in my future. And let's not forget the beginning of Spring Friday's where I also get every other Friday off. Pool time, relaxing and adventures are in my near future.

This weekend saw some of that. Pasta dinner with friends Friday night. A run and relaxing at the pool Saturday. And yoga, the pool and more running on Sunday followed by one of my favorite and beer. For as good as I am trying to be food-wise, it's always good to have a cheat day. Or weekend. But it was just the one meal for me this weekend.

Here's what: 3.4.16

This week actually seemed to go by pretty fast. Even after that hot core yoga class Monday morning kicked my @ss. So here's what three things I've been obsessed with this week.

Yup, I've been working out. A lot lately. And since the holidays-ish I've lost a decent amount of weight and gained back some of my muscle. Which was pretty evident when I tried on jeans the other weekend. The jeans that I have now are too big. So I went a size or two down when trying on a few new pair...and some of them I couldn't even pull up over my quads. Looks like some tailoring will be in my future. But I'm not complaining bc I'm headed in the right direction.

I've been wanting to make this recipe all week, but it didn't quite go with my cleaning eating plan. So I'm definitely make it next week :) Add a piece of Salmon on there and you're good to go.
Roasted Brussels Sprout and Couscous Salad
For the Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    1 pound brussels sprouts
    2 tbs…

How is it March already

I swear it was just race day, like, last week. And now it's March?!

My life has been on a bit of a loop lately. Wake up, yoga, work, nap, run, eat, maybe get a drink, sleep, repeat. And that's good. I'm slowly working my way into shape. I have two abs! haha But it's also a little boring.

This past weekend I ran the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 5K. Friday night we had a few people over for a pasta dinner before the run on Saturday. Usually races start at the crack of dawn, but this one was at 9:45 am, so no huge rush in the morning. I haven't felt too in shape lately, so it was a shock to cross the finish line and see that nike+ was telling me my pace was 7:56! Of course I then realized that it also said I ran 3.32 miles instead of 3.1, so my official pace was actually 8:29. Not too bad though. I've got some more races coming up and hope to keep getting faster. 

Sunday morning after yoga I made a beeline for Costco in an effort to get there before the crowds. #fail…