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HouMarathon recap

It's been over a week now since the Houston Marathon ended...and I am maybe, finally feeling a bit recovered. Race week is always the longest and shortest week of the year. And it's still hard to focus. Like don't want to write anything or call anyone or do anything. 

Sunday night we had our last full Committee Meeting. Monday was Why I Run Day at the Park. Tuesday was dropping off Lola and moving downtown. Wednesday I got settled into my office. Thursday we hosted a media/crisis communications training. Friday was the pre-race press conference. Saturday was the 5K. And Sunday was the marathon and half marathon.

It's a struggle to remember the details of the week. S helped me out all week and basically kept me sane. Or tried to anyway. The twin arrived on Thursday. Someone had a meltdown Friday night. The hotel restaurant was dumb Saturday night. I almost fell asleep in the bar Sunday night.

After a week of very little working out, running and yoga, Saturday night wa…

10 Days Out

10 days to go until the Chevron Houston Marathon and you know what that means...even less sleep than normal!

I'm in the office from 8:30ish - anywhere from 5:30 to 9:00 pm and then once I get home I usually fire up the laptop and work for another few hours. It's hard to even get near your to do list while you're in the office bc everyone has questions for you and you them. For me, especially with the writing, I accomplish the most at home right now.

Last year I ate my way through my stress, this year it's the opposite. It's all about balance haha

Since most people I know have no idea what I do, even though I've been doing it for 10 years, here's a general run down of what race week will look like for me.

Monday - host a media day at Memorial Park with a few charity runners, the captains of the Mascot vs Media Challenge, the HMC Executive Director and senior officials from HPD and HFD. All local media are invited to attend to gather stories to use throughou…

New year, new you?


Resolutions are for....not me. Yes, there are things I would like to accomplish in 2016 but whether they happen or not will not make or break my year.

Goals are good. Resolutions are...tacky.

I want the things that a lot of people want - to be healthier, more fit, financially responsible, have fun. And like all of those cliches...these are not diets, etc, they are lifestyle changes.

Once the race passes, I need to focus more on myself. There's a 40 day challenge at Yoga One that I want to do. Which oddly enough starts on race day, but they told me I could start a day or two late. And I'd like to find some races to sign up for to keep me running more. I would love to finally get every distance from the 5K to the half marathon.

Remembering 2015
When I think back over the last year, it's all a bit fuzzy. Overall I had a lot of good times, with quite a few bad times. But such is life.

I will forever regret not getting home to see my grandfather before he passe…