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Rent the runway

So there's this wedding. One of my 97 cousins is getting married on April 2nd. Ok 97 might be a slight exaggeration. But I still need something to wear. 
I've been on Rent the Runway's email list since they first opened, but I've never used the service before. I think it's time. I tend to spend entirely too much on a dress that I may never wear again. So this time I think I'll rent.
The wedding ceremony will be at Saint Mary's and the reception at the Crystal Team Room in the Wanamaker building in downtown Philadelphia. The ceremony is at 2:30 pm and cocktail hour will start at 5:30 pm, followed by the adult reception and there will be an after party following the reception, also at the Crystal Tea Room with more dancing, food and drinks.
I'll be staying at the Loews Hotel for the weekend, fitting since their bar is Bank & Bourbon. It's a two block walk to the reception, but they'll also have trolley service in case of weather or high heels…

Here's What: 2.26.16

It's been months since I've done one of these posts. So let's get to it. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with this week.

I randomly found this swimwear company on instagram last year...and I LOVE them. Savage Swim was started by a mother of four who could never find a suit that fit. Every piece is handmade in Florida and completely customizable. You pick which style you want and then you pick the inside and outside colors of the top and bottom (it's reversible) and color of the strings.  And wanting another one of these suits brings about the next thing that's been on my mind this week.

I've been following the Tone It Up girls Karena and Katrina online for quite some time and even watched their show when it was on Bravo. For the past few days they've been posting about doing a seven day challenge beginning this coming Monday. And it looks pretty good. And while I am maybe not really ready to give up alcohol at the moment, I think I could follo…

40 Day Challenge

Today marks the end of my 40 Day Challenge at Yoga One. And I skipped the morning class bc I had too many margaritas last night.

So what was the 40 Day Challenge? Yoga One refers to it as your personal revolution. You commit to practicing yoga six days a week either in the studio or, when not possible, at home. The seventh day should be a day of rest or restorative practice. Daily meditation and a balanced diet were also involved. These were the "easy" parts. I was also supposed to commit to maintaining a journal of experiences, read Baron Baptiste's book and "empower myself and create possibility for myself through the program."

Doing anything for 40 days is guaranteed to create a change, shift, or insight in some capacity. Forty days is the time it takes to build an entirely new set of habits and practices to train and rewire your mind and body. And I did have a new set of habits for the majority of these 40 days. I became a morning person. Ha. We'll see …

Well that didn't work out...

Like I thought it would. I had high hopes for this past weekend. I was going to find something to do and relax and have a good time.

While I was at brunch on Friday, I got a call from my little sister. The first time she has picked up the phone to call me (outside her engagement announcement) in over five months. And it was to tell me that my high school track coach had been arrested. For sexual assault. For having a sexual relationship with a student.

And that was the beginning of the end of my weekend. I was very close with my coach while I was in high school. He was someone that I looked up to and could go to for advice. We kept in touch after I graduated and when I lived in PA I would stop by the high school all the time to chat and to train and occasionally help with some of his athletes. After I moved away, we still kept in touch.

I have to say. I just did not see this coming. Would never have thought him capable of this. And while I firmly believe in innocent until proven guilt…

Happy Friday life lately has taken a swing towards the negative side. I'm not always in a bad mood, but I am quick to snap or be snarky. And I don't like it.

So today I have the day off. I've needed some time away from the office for a while, and while I did go to LA last weekend, it was a work trip.

I don't know what I'm going to today or the rest of the weekend (well, not exactly. I do have brunch plans today and Sunday night plans), but I know that it will be for me. Maybe I'll go somewhere, maybe I'll find something to do in Houston. The goal is to just relax and have a good time. 
So cheers to the weekend!

Five Things

I have a draft post of my trip to LA going, I just haven't gotten around to actually finishing it.

In the meantime, I've been thinking a lot about things people accept or should accept in life. These are the top five things that kept crossing back through my mind.

1. Life's too short to not have the underwear, the shoes and the haircut you want.

2. Everyone (including your family and best friends) will talk about you behind your back. And you will do it too. It doesn't mean you don't love each other.

3. It's ok to spend money on the things that make you happy. (see #1)

4. Sometimes relationships will fall apart through no fault or reason of either party. Whether your seven or seventy, it will happen. And that's ok.

5. Nothing in life is permanent. That's scary and exciting all at the same time. You have to embrace change and accept that it is 100 percent necessary.

40 Days

I'm not an overly religious person and these days you could barely say I'm practicing (sorry mom), but I've always liked the idea of lent. Giving up something for 40 days. Most of the year, my willpower is next to zero for a lot of things, but for 40 days I can make that happen. 

In the past I've given up things like soda, cheese, chocolate, ice's almost always food. 

The other day, I saw someone post about giving up "things." Which to me sounds like a great idea, especially since I was just talking the other day about how much stuff I have. 

So for the next forty days, each and every day I will either be giving away, throwing out, or selling ten things from my apartment.

My apartment is small and although somewhat organized, I still have a lot of things; too many things. Too many things that I just can’t seem to get rid of.  Thus…my lent challenge. 

There aren't any rules, I just need to get rid of stuff! From old mail to too many kitchen u…

I need a vacation...

It's them at time of year again. I've just come off a long stretch of working long days and well into the weekends and now I need some time away.

But where to go? 
I almost went to San Antonio this last weekend but then, well, didn't. I found a great boutique hotel - the Havana - there that I want to stay at. Every room has a Smeg that holds the mini bar (I know...I'm a nerd) and they are pet friendly should I decide to take Lola.

I was *this close* to getting in the car this weekend and just driving somewhere. But again. I didn't. I wish I had.

I'd love to go somewhere warm, a beach with blue water, but not sure that that is in the cards. 
I've already done Galveston and Austin but probably wouldn't mind going back to either. I was only in New Orleans for a work trip and wouldn't mind spending some more time there. Or Hamilton Pool which I still haven't been to.

I would also like to go somewhere I've never been before and, while some of t…

I miss writing

I miss writing. I miss sharing the bits and pieces ofmy life. This life that currently consists of immense highs and lows…and not much in between.

Instead of writing about it…I’ve just been living it. Keeping it to myself the right thing to do. I've had a lot going on, both personally and professionally. And talking about it is...not fun for me.

So maybe, for now, I'll just continue with the updates of what's going on in my life...but the fluffy stuff. Sound good? Anybody still reading?
The post-race depression this year is real. It's been three weeks since the race and the desire to do anything still isn't there. I don't want to cook. I barely keep my place clean ish. I'm tired all the time.

But I have been trying to work out more. I'm half way through the 40 Day Challenge at my yoga studio (maybe I'll do a post on that soon) and I've been running maybe 4-5 days a week. Nothing long, just something to try and get a little back into …