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Finally Friday

It's been another week. Here's another blog...

Last weekend I went out to run 10 Saturday morning. It did not go well. I literally stopped 2 miles in to text K, who I knew was running 10 on Sunday, to see if I could tag onto her run tomorrow. I ended up running 6 and by the time I got back she had said yes, I could run with her on Sunday. 
So Sunday I got up and met her at Terry Hershey Park. We ran together at a pretty comfortable pace for the first 5 miles and on the way back I tried to pick up the pace every mile. And I did. Negative split every mile on the way back. Best thing about a long run with K is that it means brunch! But I did keep it healthy except for that bottle of champagne we split for mimosas 😋

It was a busy week this week. Work is starting to pick and my to do list is about a mile long. I got a huge chunk of the mobile app completed, but there's still more to do. And my next big looming deadlines are the spectator map, race day program and the media gui…

Anybody still out there?

This has been one of my longest breaks to to date on this blog, I just didn't have anything to say...or at least not anything that I was willing to share. But. I missed you all. So let's get back to writing. And by writing I mean a huge photo dump of what I've been doing over the past few weeks. It is Friday after all.

There was a lot of food (duh), a lot of running and even a trip to Chicago to work the Chicago Marathon.