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Excess Fat

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't self conscious about my appearance.

For the most part, I've always thought I was in decent shape. A little soft sometimes, but I run a few times a week, I go to yoga a few times a week. And now that I think about it, that's mostly it. But it's still more than most. Or at least more than a lot of people.

In the beginning of April, I started seeing posts from the girls at Tone It Up about their upcoming eight week bikini challenge. I've followed them for years...they started this company a few years ago and now have this cult following. Of course when I first found them, I purchased their nutrition plan. But I never really did anything with it. But because of that purchase, I now get all new plans and challenges for free.

So I thought what the hell. I needed something to kick start me back into working out. And the meal plans were much easier to follow now that they have been doing this for a few years. With five meals a day (3 ful…

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

The I can't believe it's been about seven months since the last time I posted a blog. Did you even notice I was gone?
So much has happened in the time that I have been gone. I'm not sure I would be able to get the whole story out or even know where to start. The 2017 #HouMarathon, the twin's last chemo and radiation treatments, me accepting a new position with Susan G. Komen Houston, Aunt Sandy practically in remission, I lost Lola, I got Jewels, my second trip to Denver, my little sister's wedding...the list goes on and on.
It's been a very rocky eight months. Personally, professionally, any way you want to look at. But I'm moving into a great place in my life right now and that's all I can ask for. 
I was devastated just over a month ago when I lost Lola. She was having trouble breathing one night and by lunch the next day the vet had told me there was nothing they could do. Tumor in her left atrium. I  had to let her go that afternoon. 
This was jus…