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Ninety five

Ninety five years is a long time. A very long life to lead. My grandfather was 95 and a half when he passed away on July 9th. 

For years and years he would say "I want to live to 100." But towards the end he didn't say that anymore. 
He was married to my grandmother for 44 years before she passed. He served in the U.S. Army AirCorp during World War II. He owned and ran an Exxon service station for 31 years...even tho he never worked on a single car himself. He was a Philadelphia Phillies season ticket holder for 50 years and a lifetime member of the Holmes Fire Company. 
He was also a family man. Seven children, 19 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. 
Golf was his favorite past time. Up until a few years ago he was playing twice a week. He had tommy john surgery in his 80s so that he could keep his golf game alive. Jimmy five wood my cousin Andrew called him. 
His sense of humor and his quick wit, always ready with a joke or a snappy comeback, is somet…