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Do you get annual checkups and/or regularly give yourself self exams? No? Me neither. But we should.
No, I don't have cancer. But the twin does. And so does Aunt S. 

Let's start at the beginning. 
Just over six weeks ago Aunt S was diagnosed with cancer. The much simplified version says - She had been feeling pretty run down ever since she had pneumonia late in the winter. She kept feeling like there was something stuck in her throat. But multiple doctors told her not to worry. Finally she'd had enough and when she went back again they scoped her throat and could see a mass attached to her uvula I think. There's so much more to it, I've just blocked it all out, but she was then diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after she had exploratory surgery to see if they could remove dice. She ended up cutting a Sedona vacation short to start treatment early. Five radiation treatments and one chemo treatment per week. 
The twin went home to visit Aunt S over the fourth a…

It's that time again

I'm moving! I signed a new lease, in a new complex.

And I. Cannot. Wait. To. Move.

It's so pretty. And new. And in the loop. And I get free movers!

Concrete floors. A washer/dryer. An amazing pool area with two gas grills. I. Am. In.

Can I move in this weekend?

Not Gonna Lie

It was a rough weekend.

With everything going on, and what Saturday was the anniversary of, I knew it would be. But I never saw this coming. Complete and utter breakdown. Outside. In front of people. At the pool.

I've been on quite the Debbie Downer kick lately, but life hasn't been all bad. I relaxed at the pool for a while Saturday and Sunday and Saturday night I met a few friends at the bar. I really needed that time out of the house and I'm glad for the people who met me out.

Now we're into the work week and it's a short week for me. Thinking about heading to Galveston for the day on Friday to relax on the beach, before supporting a friend at a bodybuilding competition Saturday and then eating all the foods with him on Sunday.

That kind of day

It's been one year

It's been one year since my grandfather passed away. And not a single day has gone by that I don't regret not spending time with him at the end.

I had booked a weekend flight home for the coming weekend the same day I got the news. Too little, too late.

He was a wonderful man, who lived a long and wonderful life. How many people get to live to 95.5?

Gone, but never forgotten. I will always remember the way you made me smile.

Update 6.16.16...I mean 7.4.16

It's been pretty boring over here. I started this post almost three weeks ago!

I've been feeling pretty run down. There's a lot going on right now. And a lot of it is stressing me out. I'm like a little kid...I "sleep" with the lights on, I refuse to eat most food and all I want is attention.

I realized today, mid 5k race, that even though I haven't really been feeling like I need to eat, if I'm going to continue to run outside in this ridiculous Texas heat, then I'm going to have to force myself to eat real food. The thought it slightly nauseating.

I've been better at keeping up with yoga. Although while it does keep my muscles loose and makes me feel better, it's 60 mins of me time with nothing to focus on but my issues.

BUT! I should have good news tomorrow. :) which will also stress me out haha's what's in my camera roll lately...