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Here's what: January 30

I am slowly trying to find my way back to blogging on a regular basis, even though all I really want to do is sleep. Geez, it's not like I just worked a Games or something. It was a weekend event. Oh well.'s what three things I'm obsessed with this week...

A friend of mine posted this scarf on pinterest and even though I am not a scarf person I feel like I have to have it! So cute. And perfect to support Team USA for the upcoming Sochi Games.

There's just over one week until the Opening Ceremony (not to be confused with Ceremonies) and I am planning a party. Obviously, alcohol is a must. I will not be buy all of these, but I'll have a good selection.

Just over two weeks until the Austin Half Marathon. I've run 7.5 miles so far this week. I've got a long ways to go. In the meantime, we've signed up for another half next weekend to use as a training run. The theory is that we will only run the first 9 miles. We'll see how that goes.

Weekend recap

Who doesn't love unexpected three day weekends? Although there was def work going on Saturday.

Friday morning I woke up to a message from my boss that the office was closed due to the "winter storm" that blew through Houston. No actual snow, but from what I hear the roads were pretty icy. I wouldn't know anything about that since I promptly went back to sleep and didn't emerge until almost lunch time. I did get some errands done in the afternoon. I am already planning for my Opening Ceremony party, bc you know, I'm crazy like that.

Saturday was warehouse work day. Doesn't that sound like fun? If you said no, you would be correct. It was still in the 30s Saturday morning so I put on two pairs of pants and two long sleeves with a hat and ran out the door. Once race weekend is over everything that has been shipped downtown gets loaded onto a truck and shipped back to the warehouse. So this weekend was set aside for clean up, to make sure everything gets put …

2014 Marathon week recap

I'm back. Longer hiatus than I wanted, but the push to race week just gets so busy. Where to start? Honestly, there's no way I'm going to go through all of this. So let's see...

I moved downtown to begin setup of my areas on Wednesday. M flew in that afternoon from Toronto. She is a lifesaver who runs my media center on race weekend. Its such a blur of crazy activity that I really just don't remember a lot of it. We had a volunteer meeting that night; they all came in and picked up their credentials and t-shirts, etc. Pizza was a must to get the college kids to come in.

Thursday was more set up. The twin and A from Chicago arrived too. What else, what else? I have no idea. Friday morning was the Pre Race Press Conference at 11a. Herding cats, aka elite athletes, and setting up interviews all day. Meeting NBC at 5am to let them into the GRB was not my idea of fun.

Saturday was ABB 5K day. Up and out early. A and I were on the finish line. Two of our elite athletes w…

Here's what: January 9

I am so, so busy with work. Only 10 days to go until the big event...and 6 days til I move to my event office.'s what three thing I'm obsessed with this week...

The twin is coming to town. She gets in a week from tonight to help me on race weekend. She will be doing all my social I guess I should finish my plan for her.


I started this post Wednesday night and this is how far I got. So. Busy. That's all I got this week I guess. Til next time.

Holiday recap

I'm alive! barely... Event mode is in full effect and it's a struggle just to come up for air sometimes. After my short holiday trip home, I was back in the office on Dec 26 and I've barely come up for air since.

So you know what that recap from the holidays...