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Here's what: 5.20.16

Here's what three things I've been obsessed with this week...

I've owed S a dinner for watching Lola for about two months now and I've been wanting oysters and to go back to Brasserie 19, so that's where we went last night. And let me tell you. It was really effing good. 
Had the girls over for dinner on Weds night...good food, good drinks, good people. 

I've been getting back to my yoga practice this week and I'm feeling better already. I think I went to four classes this week, shooting for five next week.

The sign of a good friend

How many friends would you say you have? And out of that number, how many of those would you say you could confide in? Go to for advice? Tell everything too?

Not many, right?

Someone recently told my that a good friend, by definition, is someone who will stay neutral unless asked for an opinion. But when asked, will be brutally honest. You listen to what's going on in their life or relationship or job and you try to stay as neutral as possible and not force your opinion or advice on them if they don't want it, bc that could make the situation worse and you're not the one that has to live with that decision. But when they do ask for your advice, they know they will get the brutal, honest truth from you bc sometimes there's just no sugarcoating things.
They also said, "Sometimes you have to fall flat on your face and eat some curb to realize what's going on."

Lucky for me, I have a friend like that...who was telling me that I am that person for them when t…

Weekend updates 5.16.16

I had a boring, relaxing weekend...and I loved it.

Friday night was very low key, just a few people over some fights with pizza, hummus, too much cheese and just a few drinks.
Saturday started relatively early with a few miles in the gym followed by brunch at one of my favorite lunch spots - Adair Kitchen. I'd never been for brunch, but I'll def go back. The only thing not work it was the mimosas. #SuperFail Way too much OJ and not enough champagne for the price.

Sunday was hot yoga followed by a trip to Costco. Bad idea. Stay as far away from Costco on the weekends as you can. People everywhere. And everyone was moving at the pace of a snail. A whole lot of nothing happened for a few hours after that...who wants to do anything in all this rain?! Not me. Five miles on the treadmill later and it was time for pizza at whole foods.

My goal for this week is to meal prep, eat as clean as I can and do two-a-days for at least four days. I really need to stop with the 2 and 3 miles …

Here's What 5.13.19

I could keep apologizing for going MIA on my blog, but let's be real. It's going to continue to happen anyway. I'll post when I can and when I have something to say and hope that people still want to read it :)

Here's what three things I've been obsessed with this week...

I just ordered this dress that I have been looking at for weeks. It gets so hot in Houston in the summer that it's nice to have options besides jeans/shorts/pants to wear when it's a thousand degrees outside.

So there are more fights on tonight and I'm having people over again. I think this time though there needs to be more pizza and less snacky food and liquor. Beer and wine for days, no problem. But with all the liquor we had the last time and mostly light was not the best combo. So I stocked up on some pizza crusts at the Fresh Market's store closing sale (so sad!) and will make a variety of pizza and flatbreads, but still have some hummus and maybe some cheese and ar…

I love gluten

Here comes that writing slump again. I always want to write, I just don't always have the energy or maybe willingness to share what's going on all the time.

So I had people over, geez, 10 days ago. See the pretty peonies below? Beautiful flower arrangement. Which I left Lola alone with. And she destroyed them. I was not a happy camper. The night went really well, there was so much food and drink. And I managed not to take a single picture. Oh well.

Food lately has been a struggle. I love food, all food - bread, cheese, pizza, salmon, veggies, etc. But over the past few weeks, when I eat certain foods I Like there's food stuck in my throat. And it's usually after some type of carb, although yesterday it also happened after eating a salad. The dressing maybe?

So of course I googled "feels like i have food stuck in my throat." Possible diagnoses include GERD, acid reflux, dysphagia, esophagus cancer...and gluten allergy. I do NOT approve of that las…