Random is as random does

  • Monday morning I went to Hot Core Explosion for the second time in seven days. I always feel so out of shape when I go to this class even though I know I'm not. I went back this morning and it was just as hard as ever. Hopefully if I keep it up I will at least be able to do the whole class soon!
  • I ran three miles after work Monday and Tuesday, nothing super fast, just recovery runs.
  • After Monday night's margarita festivities, I ate TWO kolaches for breakfast on Tuesday #fail
  • I have been eating much healthier lately, but I still have very little willpower when it comes to food...and alcohol...and if it's around and I like it, I will eat/drink it. 
  • I'm going to the rodeo tonight where our suite will be stocked with sliders, hot dogs, popcorn, chips and booze, etc. Must. Not. Over. Indulge. 
  • I just registered for the Bayou City Classic 10K on March 19th. Really don't think I'm ready for that distance yet, but the 5K was an un-timed race and I don't see the point in that. 
  • We finally got our spring schedule for Friday's off - so I'll have off everything other Friday from April - August. Looking forward to some pool/beach time and maybe a trip here and there. Now I need to schedule all the days I have to use or lose by the end of May.
  • What else, what else. My mom took my grandmom for a pedicure over the weekend. It was the first time she's ever had one! For the past few months at least she hasn't been able to reach her toes and so she's been going to the podiatrist, and paying a copay!, just to have her toenails cut! This is a much better value for your money haha
  • My 40 days of purging is going ok. I feel like maybe this weekend I will make up for some of the days I've been slacking and try to go through and give away/throw away a lot of the things I have that I just don't need. I have so much stuff!

Healthy dinner...followed by margaritas

Adair Kitchen Super Foods Bowl! #Love

Sweat angels in my living room bc rain. My apt looks so dark. I wish the walls were white.

Rice bowl without the rice haha

Finally. Put some of my refund to good use so I can have my jewelry in one place.

I do NOT feel pretty when I sweat! But I do feel better about myself.


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