What happened to the weekend?

Weekends go by so quickly. They should be longer. Although we are quickly approaching the time of your for me that is also know as hurry up and schedule 20 vacation/comp days before you lose them at the end of May. So there will be many random days off in my future. And let's not forget the beginning of Spring Friday's where I also get every other Friday off. Pool time, relaxing and adventures are in my near future.

This weekend saw some of that. Pasta dinner with friends Friday night. A run and relaxing at the pool Saturday. And yoga, the pool and more running on Sunday followed by one of my favorite dinners...pizza and beer. For as good as I am trying to be food-wise, it's always good to have a cheat day. Or weekend. But it was just the one meal for me this weekend.

Why would I pay for a photo that looks this bad? Haha

My dog is the weirdest

My face kind of looks like an alien? whatever. Finally getting hot enough to nap at the pool

In love with this setup. If I move back into a loft/bigger place, I want to do something similar.

Pool day #2...So. Much. Pollen.

That was a lot faster then I meant to go...

Dang. It's been six years since I went to Doha...and lost the feeling in my arm on the flight over.


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