Here's what: 3.11.16

It's been another short/long week. I'm trying to do all the yoga and running, but life occasionally gets in the way. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with this week. 

USA Indoors are this weekend. Followed by World Indoors next weekend. Lots of track & field to follow. Even after all these years, when events like this roll around it feels weird not to be there. 

Brunch. By far the best meal of the week. And I'm always looking for a new spot to go to. Big fan of Dish Society on San Felipe with their $14 carafes of mimosas. Also love Max's Wine Dive and Brasserie 19. Thrillst just put out a new list...Best New Brunches in Houston You Need to Try Now...and I think I might. Quite a few places on the list I want to try out. I wonder if this Boozy Brunch article is up to date...I didn't think Houston allowed bottomless mimosas anymore, but if they do there are some more places I need to try out!

The Erin Andrews decision. A jury awarded the sportscaster $55 million in her case against a stalker and management at a Nashville Marriott hotel. Back in 2008, this guy requested a hotel room next to Andrews, got that room and then filmed her through the peephole of her room. And then posted a nude video of her online. @$#!. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Some people, including her employers, thought the video was just a PR stunt for Andrews. But she said ah no, and the video was humiliating and led to harassment online and in public, as well as emotional damage. A jury decided she should get some cash money for the ordeal.


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