How is it March already

I swear it was just race day, like, last week. And now it's March?!

My life has been on a bit of a loop lately. Wake up, yoga, work, nap, run, eat, maybe get a drink, sleep, repeat. And that's good. I'm slowly working my way into shape. I have two abs! haha But it's also a little boring.

This past weekend I ran the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 5K. Friday night we had a few people over for a pasta dinner before the run on Saturday. Usually races start at the crack of dawn, but this one was at 9:45 am, so no huge rush in the morning. I haven't felt too in shape lately, so it was a shock to cross the finish line and see that nike+ was telling me my pace was 7:56! Of course I then realized that it also said I ran 3.32 miles instead of 3.1, so my official pace was actually 8:29. Not too bad though. I've got some more races coming up and hope to keep getting faster. 

Sunday morning after yoga I made a beeline for Costco in an effort to get there before the crowds. #fail But it wasn't super crazy. My goal was to eat pretty clean this week, so I decided to stock up on a ton of veggies, etc 1 - so that I would have them in the house and 2 - to see if I would save money this way. Well. It's Thursday now and I still have a TON of veggies left. I've been eating a fair amount for dinner, but have failed miserably on meal prep and therefore don't really eat any at lunch. And I've only cooked breakfast one day so far this week. Oops.

That wedding is now just under one month away and I ordered my dress from Rent the Runway - the blue lace. It will arrive in Houston Thursday, before we leave for Philly Friday, and then I'll drop it in a UPS box after we return on Sunday. I wanted to get it a day earlier than I really need it...just in case I don't love it, so I will have time to go shopping. :)

When we get back's my birthday. We'll be home in time for dinner and I would like to remember to plan something this year. Last year, my birthday was on a Friday and we had a race Saturday morning. So on Saturday is when I finally was like I want to go out to dinner. Well by then it was too late to get reservations anywhere good and, while I had a great time that night, making plans in advance is probably a good idea. So pretend it's your birthday...where would you want to go for dinner? #IHatePickingRestaurants

And now...My life in's almost always about the food...

Wrist game strong.

Finally made it to the Dunlavy

Girls night dinner

I've missed Adair Kitchen and their Super Foods Bowls

Carb loading before a 5k

Post race brunch and frozen mimosas

I swear it's almost bathing suit weather

Healthy food!

All the healthy food...and champagne

Sweet baby girl Lola

Clean eating

She's so weird, scratching her side along the wall

I love a poached egg


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