Only Monday

It's been a long weekend. Between Lola being sick all weekend and a last minute "conference call" with some fam, I'm ready for it to be the weekend again already! What do you mean it's only Monday?!

I put Lola in her kennel Friday morning before I left for yoga, let her out when I got back and then when I went to put her back in before leaving for work, she would not get in. So I looked inside. And she had thrown up all over her blanket up front. Cleaned it out, she went in and I came back over lunch and she seemed fine. Until later that night right after dinner...It was a messy weekend. So other then yoga, running and a brief nap at the pool, I didn't leave the house too much. We went on some pretty frequent walks.

After texting with a friend who works for the vet, I took her in first thing this morning and am waiting on some answers.

You know what all this leads me to believe? I still need a vacation! I've been talking about doing something/going somewhere since immediately following the race. Philadelphia does not count as vacation for me. I need to finally figure something out.

I hope we're not going to that place where they stick things in my butt!

Rodeo! Brett Eldredge? was the concert. I was there for the mutton bustin.


Good day for a run!

I think I need a few more bottles. Or a wine fridge. I would love a wine fridge. :)

Healthy eats

SO happy pool season is here. At least for now anyway.

Puppy strolls

Healthy eats x2

Love me. I don't feel good.

Play with me.

HOT yoga, so hot but so good.

Why did you guys leave me alone?

Just let me lay here

If I dig a hole and lay down it, maybe I will feel better.

I'm sick, but I still want to play!


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