Less than 10 days til Xmas

I started this blog on Monday and am just now getting around to finishing it. It's been a pretty busy week. That's what happens in December. I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday or Wednesday when I suddenly realized...omg Christmas is next week. I hadn't bought a single gift for my family yet (sorry Mom) and had not put up my tree.

Last week I had mexican food (or at lesat margaritas and chips) seven times in eight days. Sounds like some sort of record for me. First time I ever had Torchy's Tacos...so good.

I got a few runs in, some were pretty good, some were on the treadmill. This morning E and I and another friend went downtown at 5am to help set up for the 12K of Christmas and then me and E ran it. We did just under 10minute miles the whole time, it was a training run for E and I was just along for the ride. Then later today I finally downloaded the software for my garmin. I've been using it since February and I've only logged 362 miles in 107 runs. Seems low to me. There were days I used the nike watch instead and days I ran on the treadmill so it didn't record, but still.

When I started this blog Christmas was 10 days away and now it's 4! Yikes. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but I have been putting off getting ready for it this year. I love the holiday season and buying gifts for people, baking tons of cookies and eating good food. I've just been a bit off this year.

I'm almost ready now. Finally. I got a lot of my family's shopping done and the presents shipped. In my 33 years, this is the first Christmas I will not be spending with my family. I know they're disappointed and so am I, but it just didn't work out for this year. Texas is pretty far. 

Torchy's Taco love

Good run last week

Pistolero's bc #always

Playing around with a feature in my yet-to-be-released mobile app

SoA finale dinner

Finally putting some things on the chalk wall

One of our friends changed my password...

Love this chicken

And margaritas

Finally hanging up some of my art

More margaritas


More healthy dinner

This sandwich from Dish Society was amazing

Had a few girls over for dinner

K loves Gordeaux and never sees him, so I borrowed him for the night

Helped set up and t hen ran the 12K of Christmas

Had to go out for breakfast after

It's looking a little festive in my place


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