Pinterest review: One pot pasta

I made one of my pinterest recipes. Finally. Martha Stewart's one pot pasta.
It's a very easy recipe. Boil Penne pasta for 6 minutes less than al dente; add broccoli florets, and cook until Penne is al dente. Drain; return to the pot, and toss with a couple of crushed garlic cloves, some olive oil, the zest and juice of a lemon, salt and pepper, and plenty of parmesan cheese.

I left out the lemon juice but followed the rest of the directions. I made a full batch so that I could take some for lunch during the week. It was great when I was eating it right out of the pot. But when I would reheat at the office, most of the flavor disappeared. I couldn't taste the cheese hardly at all.

Overall I think it's a great dish IF you're eating it right away. As leftovers, maybe if I added a bit more oil and cheese right before reheating it would have been better. 


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