Austin half recap

I don't know what it was on Sunday morning but I just did not want to run. No particular reason, I just wasn't feeling it.

We stopped by the breakfast to use the bathroom before heading out to the start line. It was chilly, but not too cold. With only four weeks of training behind us,  I was very anxious once we got there. Once the gun went off it took us almost 13 minutes to cross the start line and the course was pretty crowded for the first few miles.

My fastest mile was number 7! I was feeling good until 8 when my hamstring started acting up again. And it just kept getting worse. And oh my god the hills. I was not ready for that. But honestly I don't remember much from the race. I just know that I had to get through it.

When I hit mile 11 I was still with E and K, but I knew if I stayed with them I would quit. I just had to get done as fast as I could. Mile 13 was my third-fastest mile. And then it was over. 2:16:49.

Not my best day. There's always the next race.


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