Weekend recap

One of the girls at work said to me a few weeks ago "you didn't realize that once you moved here you wouldn't get to sleep in on weekends anymore, did you?"

And for the most part...that's true! Oh how I miss sleeping in.

This weekend I volunteered at the Great West Indoor Track & Field Conference Championships. My friend who is a coach there had volunteered for me during race weekend, so I said I would return the favor. This meant Saturday and Sunday alarms set for 6:45am. ugh. But I got to work the horizontal jumps and even one of the pole vault fields. They were long days but it was entertaining.

And my friends' team won both the men's and women's titles.
Then it was time for the Oscars! I had wanted to have a party, but now I'm a little glad I didn't. I accidentally took a two hour nap when I got home from the meet and missed some of the red carpet. oops. I want to say it was one of the longest awards shows ever, but it was probably about average right? The ladies looked fabulous and the men handsome - hello Channing Tatum.

Maybe I can sleep in next weekend...


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