Some random facts about me...

I believe...

...that travel should be a part of life
...that laughing til you cry is one of the best feelings in the world
...that a glass of wine a day will keep the doctor away
...that I could be a vegetarian only if I was allowed two cheat days a month
...that there should be one line in every airport/store for people who have their shit together
...that everyone will eventually find that one special person to share their life with
...that, someday, everything will make perfect sense
...that a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men

Me (R) and my bestie Alexa (L) in London...miss you!


...have a twin sister
...can hold a serious grudge. Most of the time, for about five minutes
...really want a french bulldog puppy addicted to tv. and reading.
...would do anything for my friends and family
..."train" for half marathons bc if I didn't have a goal, I prob wouldn't work out when I'm hungry. or unhappy. or bored. afternoon naps, especially on rainy days a lover, not a fighter but I will fight for what I love not who I was before.


  1. We have lots of the same beliefs :) especially about the airport.. dont' even get me started andddd I'm the same way with my workouts... defffffinitly need a goal so I just keep signing up for races!

    1. Oh the airport, take your laptop out of your bag! ANd I'm signed up for races and I'm still slacking off right now. I have a 10K next weekend and a half marathon at the end of March, but I've only run a handful of times since my race in Austin. sigh.


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