Headed to Austin

At 10:30pm last night I still had not packed a thing. But at least I had my wash done and had baked another batch of berry cobblers.
I have to be ready to go when I leave for work this morning. Me and a few of the girls are leaving the office just after lunch to head over to Austin and get ready for the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon.

We'll be working a booth at the Expo on Saturday before we run the half on Sunday. I'm looking forward to the trip. I've never really been anywhere in Texas outside of Houston. I mean, once in college I went to San Antonio for a wedding. But I barely remember that.

And I'm looking forward to having Monday and Tuesday off as well. It's really my first extended time off since the race. And I want to relax!

So here goes nothing. I've only been running for about four weeks. Plenty of time. I will, at least, finish. I hope.


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