Rhythm and Blues 5k

So Sunday was the Rhythm and Blues half marathon and 5k in Houston.

E and I signed up for the 5k even though we usually take Sundays off bc our long runs are on Saturday.

Saturday we ran 8.5 at an ok pace. It was chilly with a breeze, perfect running weather. But we ran to Memorial Park for for a loop from E's place. As soon as we set foot in the park my hamstring started to tighten up so I just tried to take it easy after that.

I stepped outside Sunday morning and just knew it was not going to be a good day. It was warm and really humid. E and I both said later we felt like we had never run before during that first mile. But we just kept going and ran the race. It wasn't real pretty, but it's over now.

Leaving for Austin in 5 days!


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