Trying to get faster...and other Friday musings

I've mentioned her before, but Danica over at did a post yesterday about how she went from running 9:30s last year to 7:45s this year. I think I need to follow her tips. Her race splits for her latest marathon (where she qualified for Boston!) were between 7:17 and 9:42 (she only had 3 miles that were over 9 minute pace). That. is. ridiculous. to me. And I would love to be able to run like that, not for a marathon - bc I don't think I will run one - but for my next half.

Rules to run by:

1. run less but with more quality miles.
2. run with a group
3. run a warm up and cool down
4. do tempo runs/speed work
5. don't give up and push yourself during every workout

For her full post, click here.

Image via ...she always has the best running photos
On a completely unrelated note, I think I'm going to start looking at apartments today at lunch. I heard back from the agent at and she got me a list of rental rates for about six different places. Three I crossed off right away based on size and/or price. But three more seem like pretty decent options. I would love to look at all three at lunch as the rates she gave me have a 24 hour shelf life, but I don't think I'll have time.

I'm having some people over tomorrow night to watch the Glory Fights so I think I'll prob have to clean my apartment. I swear I just did and I try to keep it neat, but ugh. cleaning. Oh now I remember, I got to the dusting part and got annoyed. Maybe I'll just take a can of compressed air home :)

I still really want this puppy! Seriously, how cute is he? He's at a rescue in Philly...road trip?


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