Houston Heights 5K

This past Saturday we ran the Houston Heights 5K. Since the Nike Women's race I have been trying to concentrate on building up my speed. Instead of doing the longer runs I would do for a half, I ran no more than 5 miles and did a few speed workouts too. It was going really well, but my runs over the past few weeks could have been better.

it is impossible to look good in running photos...unless you are Kara Goucher.

Fast forward to the start of the race on Saturday. It was hot. And humid. What else should I expect in Houston in June? There were a lot more people at the start then I remembered from last year. I started out with E and there was a lot of bobbing and weaving when the gun went off. It was an out and back course and I stuck with E until the turnaround. She's been having some issues with the foot where she had surgery, so when she told me to go on without her I checked to make sure she was really ok and then I bypassed the water stop and tried to turn it up a notch.

Now, since the start of the race, I had been feeling a little something in my quad. It seemed like just a knot, so I just kept going, trying to push through it. The second 1.5 miles, the knot kept getting tighter. I just wanted to cross the finish line so I just kept going. This course is such a tease though. You can see the finish line for a really long time so you speed up and then realize you still have a ways to go. I ended up finishing in 26:57. Not too shabby.
1 - 9:24
2 - 8:29
3 - 7:59

There's another 5k coming up on 4th of July that I think we're going to run. S has said he will help me get faster. I haven't ever trained for, hmm anything, with someone who is faster than me. At least not since college. I really think that will help. Although he may try to kill me. He said I should push for a 7:45 pace.

After that maybe I will try to build my mileage back up. ChicRunner followed a one-month plan she made up and qualified for Boston without even really trying! I'm not saying I want to run a marathon, but maybe I could do a modified version of her plan. Her pace in her workouts was insane.


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