I need a vacation

It's summer time. And that means vacations. Finally. For about seven years I was never able to take a real vacation in the summer bc that was always my busiest time of the year work-wise (track season is April - September). But now that my busy time doesn't start until October, I want to go somewhere!

Now I just have to figure out where. And with who. We've been talking about Mexico and cruises and New Orleans...I mean, I would love to pick all three but I didn't just win the lottery. Day/weekend trips would be cool too...Galveston, San Antonio, I have no idea what else is in driving distance.

Where else? Where should I go?

Cruise - never been

Galveston - I had so much fun the last time I was there, but the hangover was wicked.

New Orleans - never been

Riviera Maya - love it, how can you go wrong with an all-inclusive?

San Antonio - I went for a weekend in college for a wedding, doesn't count


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