Do I really have to move again?

I am (impatiently) waiting to hear from my apartment complex what my rent will be if I renew my lease at the end of August. I think they're going to raise my rent. A lot. There is no other one bedroom within $300 of what I'm paying right now. I mean, I don't think it's going to go up that much, but I still think it's going to go up.

So I have been obsessively looking at apartments online for the last few weeks. Even though I wouldn't be moving for 60+ days. K told me about this site - - that hopefully I can find a place through. Their service is free, and every client that uses UMoveFree to find their new apartment is also offered up to a Free Move or $200 Rebate depending on how much your rent is. This would be amazing bc I don't want to have to ask people to help me move again.

I also think I may look for a cheaper option and hopefully one that is closer to work. Those of you not in Houston won't get this, but I would love to live in the Montrose, River Oaks, Memorial Park or maybe even the Heights area. I want to be able to run outside my place in the mornings or evenings and not be afraid. I would probably have to give up having a washer/dryer but if I'm saving $200/month, that doesn't seem so horrible. I did without in CT, I can survive without here.

I've found a few places so far that I want to look at. Just trying to decide if I'm going to wait for my notice or start visiting places now. The agent that was assigned to me from calls weekly to see how my search is going, but I just keep putting her off. The three options below all have onsite laundry and pools but only one of the three (#3) has a gym - not necessarily a deal breaker though I am trying to get back into shape.

Option #1 - in the Heights

Option #2 - on the Bayou right across from a running trail and not far from work

Option #3 - on Memorial not far from work and down the street from the park


  1. I've lived in the Museum District for the last two years and love being able to step outside and be running in Hermann Park within 3 minutes. My rent is affordable (still paying less for one-bedroom by myself than I did for my share of a tiny two-bedroom in NYC). I don't have my own washer/dryer but the shared machines are right behind the building and are free, so...worth it, IMO!
    Good luck finding a new place! :)

    1. Thanks! I don't think I've looked over there yet. I'll have to check it out.


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