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I signed a lease! And I'm having some serious anxiety about it. I don't have any issues with moving, clearly. I'm practically a professional mover. But I love my current place and don't really want to leave it. But the new place is much more practical and convenient - closer to work, closer to run, a great gym, lots of closet space, less money, etc. For those of you keeping track, it was #3 on my list.

I looked at three complexes last week (not the three I blogged about) and settled on this one. It was the first one I had seen. The second one, while right next to one of my favorite restaurants (Local Foods), was the most expensive but just looked old. The third one was amazing. The apartment itself was huge and updated. But it took me 25 minutes to get there and as I was being shown around they kept mentioning fees that would be added onto the rent. No go.

After I signed the lease someone told me they thought it wasn't a good idea...they knew someone who used to live there and they had been burglarized while there. But let's be real. This is Houston. I checked the crime report for the complex for the last few months and it had way less occurrences then where I currently live. It was just theft/robbery while my current neighborhood showed much worse things, like aggravated assault. And let's face it. I've already had an apartment broken into and been robbed at gunpoint and now this thing that happened at work yesterday (more on that later). I think I'll be ok.

Now I'm just waiting for the apartment complex to tell me that I am approved - actually I am surprised it is taking this long and wish they would just call back already. There's no reason I shouldn't be approved. The last time I signed a lease, I was approved while I sat there waiting, but this place uses an outside company yada yada yada. Also, on Monday I emailed my agent at to find out what the next step is...still waiting to hear back from her, which is weird bc while I was looking she would call once a week and respond right away to emails. Now that I've signed, crickets. Hopefully it's just bc we're still waiting on the approval. 

I think I'm going home for a short vacation in the middle of August! And by home I mean fly into Philly and then drive down to the beach house. My dad's dad bought this house in maybe the 60's and a year before he passed he gave the house to my dad. E & G will already be in the area for vacation and we'd meet up with them, maybe go to Atlantic City, spend a day at the beach with them and then hang out with my family and friends for a few days before heading back to Texas.

So...if you saw my post on facebook yesterday, you saw there was an incident at our office. It was kind of a big deal, but nobody was hurt and nothing ended up being stolen. Of was my office that this dude tried to steal from, but I wasn't in there at the time.

Only one more day in the office for me this week after today, I love our spring schedule. And Friday I think I'm hosting dinner. Which obviously means I'm already planning bc I'm obsessive like that. Salmon, some kingfish I have in the freezer, those sriracha brussel sprouts I've been wanting to make and couscous. Should I have dessert? Or is that what the wine is for?


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