Here's what: June 26

It's been a long, short week. Does that make sense? No, just me? So much has gone on, but at the same time today is my Friday. Yay. So anywho...Here's what three things I'm obsessed with this week...

We all know I love any Olympic sport. Today the U.S. plays world #2 Germany in what could be their final match of the 2014 World Cup. And apparently it is raining so hard where they are playing in Brazil that the U.S. team's family and friends have decided not to make the trek to the stadium as it is too treacherous outside. There are reports of up to two feet of standing water in the streets! The U.S. and Germany have four points apiece and Portugal and Ghana each have one point heading into the final match of the group stage.  The scenarios to advance vary wildly.

Moving into a new place is totally an excuse to redecorate. Not that I want to refurnish my entire apartment, but it will be fin to switch things up.  I saw this on pinterest (duh), its just fabric that was pinned to the wall and then you "paint" liquid starch over it. I could totally do that. Maybe. Also...that fridge! And it's just gold duck tape!


Summer dresses. I have, like, one. I def need more. It would be nice to have them for the beach. And I am still obsessed with this jumpsuit that I found last summer...and it's still available...but how many people really can pull off a jumpsuit?


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