Weekend recap

Why do the weekends always feel so short to me? It was a good one, even if I didn't do very much.

Friday night. I was just going to go home and lay around as we had a long run scheduled for 6:15am Saturday. But. But it hadn't been a great day. So after I got home and sat around for a bit, I decided it was time to go shopping. Now, originally I was going to post pictures of everything I buy and tell you what it all is. And then sense kicked in. The only reason I am going shopping is bc somebody broke into my place. So maybe its not such a good idea to flaunt these things. Suffice it to say, I went to the Galleria and had quite a good time.

Saturday's alarm came way too soon. So I dragged myself out of bed and drove to the park. It amazes me how crowded this place is at 6am. The sun wasn't even up. E and I are still running with the 5 hour group. But this was probably the last time for that. We kept speeding up just to get away from them. I'm not going to say the 8 mile run was easy, but we did ok. Although every time we looked at our watches, it said we were running 10:45ish pace and when we finished it said we averaged 11:30. Wtf. Either way, we need to speed up. So prob going with the 4:30 group next time.

Then came the best part about Saturday morning runs. They are followed by breakfast. Tacos this time. it started to pour just as we were getting ready to leave, so we sat out front and chatted for a while. Thank goodness the sun was coming out by the time I got home. I just wanted to nap by the pool in the afternoon. Stupid me, I didn't put on an ounce of sunblock. That was a mistake. My resulting sunburn was quite uncomfortable for the rest of the weekend.

I slept in Sunday before heading out to do a little more shopping. I needed to replace my stolen sunglasses and I was looking for a lbd to wear for something Deb and I are going to do while she is here. I had been looking after one at Anthro for months. Well, I finally went back and tried it on and it did not look good. So back to the drawing board. If anyone knows where I can get a great little black dress with cap sleeves, please let me know!
Tried out a new burger place while shopping on Sunday. Not too bad.

I got home just in time to see Serena play in the women's final at the U.S. Open. What a match.

If only the weekend had lasted one more day. Oh well. 11 DAYS UNTIL DEB GETS HERE!


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