Happy Friday

Yay! It's Friday. One of my three favorite days of the week.

Except. Except I have a feeling I am about to start losing my weekends. I already lose a big chunk of Saturday to my long runs...bc I'm a useless lump for several hours after it's over. But now I think is the time that I will start working on the weekends. Oh goodie.

There's just so much work piling up and I work so much more efficiently sitting at home watching tv. Weird, I know. But it is so true. I can pump out a one-page article in 30 mins, sitting at home watching a Scandal rerun. But when I try to do it in the office, it just takes a little, ok a lot, longer.

But with the new apartment setup (home tour coming soon), I can't really work from my dining room table any more. I mean I could, but it's further away from the tv. So I stopped by ikea at lunch the other day and picked up a desk. White with pink legs. For $22.

The list of things I want to work on this weekend is ridiculous. Media guide, mobile app content, an interview for next week, staff bios. And I still want to work on my tan for Fran & Steph's wedding next weekend. And run 11 miles Saturday morning. It should be interesting to see how much I accomplish. Maybe saying it out loud here will force me to get it done.

But first. First I need to make it look pretty. I know, I know. Not a necessity. But still. Love the ideas below.

I love this with the gold accents. And the MAC. I want one.


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