Random thoughts

I was trying to decided whether to even blog today. I was too busy to post yesterday and I didn't want to go two days in a row with nothing...but is it better to say nothing at all today? I don't want to be insensitive, but at the same time it has been 12 years. I know the pain for some people will never go away, but for others it fades over time.

I was in school in South Carolina that day 12 years ago. My roommate's dad was in New York on business though and I remember the hours and hours she and her family spent waiting to hear from him. Cell service was so bad that they did not find out until that night that he was ok.

So while I will never forget and always take time out to remember those who perished on September 11, I think that it's ok for me to post what I want.

Last night was Track Tuesday. Looking at the workout, I didn't think it was going to be that bad. 200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200 with rest varying from a jog back to the start to 2 minutes. It ended up being not that fun. I really do need to start running more than three days a week. Things would be so much easier.

It was pretty hot out during the work and I was sweating a ton. Well...I noticed when I got home that all that sweat did weird things to the sunburn on my chest. TMI, I know, but it made the skin bubble(?!) and then peel. So that looks awesome. High-neck shirts all week for me. It also itches, but stings at the same time. Must never forget sunblock again. 

Deb gets here in nine days! Oh, the planning. What are we going to do? The Emmy Awards happen while she's here. And I would LOVE to have an awards show party. But we have plans for 6:30 that night (even though that shouldn't take long) and I don't know that my friends would really be up for a Sunday night thing.


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