Weekend recap

Not much to say. Sure I had a three day weekend, but I was sick for most/all of it.

At some point on Friday I dragged myself to Target and the grocery store. And bought myself some pretty flowers. I tried to sit out by the pool in the afternoon, but it was so damn hot I only lasted an hour. Me! ridiculous.

After that I didn't leave the house much. Or at all. I did read Revenge Wears Prada, the sequel to the Devil Wears Prada. I wasn't that impressed. 300 pages leading up to the climax and then 20 pages finishing off the book. I like more explanation than that.

I was supposed to volunteer on Saturday morning from 5:30-9am. And I missed it. Couldn't get to sleep Friday night until 2am and completely missed my alarm. Fail. 

I finally signed up for netflix streaming in an effort to watch all of Dexter before it's last season. Turns out Dexter is only available on dvd through netflix. Fail. Maybe I could watch it all during the 1-month free dvd trial. I'll think about it.


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