Weekend recap

Oh four day weekend. How I will miss you. There was a lot of laziness around. And some work, because it's not sports if you don't have to work on your days off.

I had big plans for Thursday, but I ended up working off and on until 2pm. So I went out to the pool for a bit when I was finally done. After 20 minutes, it started to rain. I was able to go back out for about an hour and then I went to the gym! I get excited when I actually follow through on going.

K text me Friday morning to drag me out for a run at the Park. I needed it. But boy was it hot and humid. We got there at 9:30am and it was in the low 80s with some pretty high humidity. The breakfast tacos definitely made up for it. Food makes everything better. Then we went and picked up our race packets for Saturday's 5k. I tried really hard to contain myself, packet pickup was in a running retail store, and only bought one sports bra. Did I do anything else on Friday? Nothing really, but I did pick up some nice flowers.

Saturday was an early day. I am not a morning person. I got to K's at 6:30am and we headed over to the 5k with A. Boy was it sticky outside. The 5k was nothing to remember. I stayed with K the whole way and A was a little behind us with a friend of hers. And after...more breakfast tacos. After a two hour nap, I went to the gym! I made myself get up and go so that I could have Mexican for dinner! Why is everything about food?

The goal was to go to the gym Sunday morning too. And while I woke up every one or two hours throughout the night, I slept right through class. Thought I had set my alarm, but it was off. Busted. So I stayed in bed even longer after that. When I finally got up it was raining. So in the early afternoon I decided to go to the movies and see The Great Gatsby. It wasn't my favorite Baz Luhrmann film, but it was ok. Home to more reading. I read a lot this weekend, probably around 1200 pages. Finsihed reading Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series. Again. All in all, it was a good, if unproductive, weekend. I'm ready for the next one.


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