Weekend Recap

My weekend started off with something I didn't see coming. I let E talk me into seeing The Purge. You know, the Ethan Hawke movie set in 2022 where there's no unemployment and very little crime bc one night a year ALL crime is legal. It was kinda disturbing but an ok movie. At least I didn't have any nightmares.
I also told E that I wanted to run Saturday morning and she should text me if she wanted to go. It gets hot here early so the plan was to run at 7am. I did not set an alarm, but E text me at 6am to tell me she wanted to go. It's a good thing she tagged me in a facebook post 30 mins later because I had fallen back asleep and it woke me up. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and ran out the door.

The goal was one lap around the park. It was E's first run back after foot surgery. It was slow going but we made it and then went for a much-needed coffee and a trip to My Fit Foods. After a quick workout at the gym, I went to the pool for a hot minute. Ok, it was more like two hours, but I was roasting so I went back to my apartment. Where I got sucked into a Burn Notice marathon. I watched for the rest of the day.

And after a trip to the gym Sunday morning and some more coffee, I watched for most of the day Sunday too! It was pouring by noon, that was my excuse. I did squeeze in an errand or two...and take out from PF Chang's before going back to the Burn Notice marathon. What can I say, I love that show. The final season started last Thursday so if you're looking for me on a Thursday night for the next 10 weeks, I'm busy.


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