Here's what: June 20

So before I even get into it...K and I went to the gym last night. I had gotten home from work and was on the couch when she text me to see if I wanted to meet her there. Perfect, just the motivation I needed. So we made our way through three miles on the treadmill. And when we were done promptly decided to go to Chuy's for dinner. Oops. They cancel each other out right?

So's what three things I'm obsessed with this week...

Deb just forwarded me this post on the Everygirl - Joanna Reuland of The San Francisco Marathon. It's a profile on the 26 yr old marketing director for the San Francisco Marathon. I may have to try to recruit her for me team!

I finally signed up for Netflix. I may only last through my one month free trial, but in the meantime I will probably watch A LOT of TV and movies. There's so so much to choose from, but then at the same time there's not. I was playing on my mobile app version last night and couldn't find Friends. Really?

Trying a new place for lunch today - Sweet Paris Creperie... I am so excited!


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