The winner

I found an apartment. Signed the lease already and everything. I don't move in until August 31 though. Which means I have plenty of time to plan and over-plan and look at new things to buy.

I went to see the Marquis Downtown on Friday afternoon and dragged K along with me. Heading in I didn't think I would take it. I thought the rent was at my ceiling and that parking was not included. Turns out parking is included. And I won't find any other place in this price range downtown. The guy who showed me the apartment told me he the apartment wouldn't last through the weekend - yes, I know that's his job - and that if I wanted it, I needed to sign the lease right away. But he did have a point, this place is $200+ less than every other place yet in the building.

It's a one bedroom, loft style, 776 square feet and pretty cool looking if I do say so myself. (I will not have a red wall or that ugly furniture.)

My inspiration for the new place...
I would kill for a pink fridge like that, but I'm not buying appliances for a rental.


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