Run Wild 5K

Friday was the Run Wild 5K. My original goal, from right after the last 5K was to run 7:45s. Ha. After little training between then and now I readjusted my goal to just to better then I did the last time.

The race didn't start until 7:30am, but with limited parking and just bc I'm like that, I wanted to get there early. So I picked S up at 6:30am and off we went. He thought I was nuts when I told him that I don't warm up for these races...and now I think in the future that I will. The weather was warm, but it wasn't unbearably hot or humid yet.

The race started right on time and I ran the first mile with E in around 8:48. My legs felt pretty heavy for the first mile until I got into my rhythm, which is why I think maybe warming up for these shorter races is probably a good idea. I lost her somewhere around the waterstop, made a futile effort to look for her, and then kept going. I hit mile two in 8:27 and was starting to get pretty hot. By this point I just wanted to get to the finish line where I knew there would be beer. I crossed mile three in 8:21 and could see the finish line. I always know I didn't run fast enough at the end of a race when I have enough energy left to sprint in to the line. So when my last .1 miles was at 6:45 pace, well I maybe could have pushed harder for the other three miles.

So a weird thing that happens to me sometimes after a run since I moved to Houston is that I get these ridiculous headaches. Not quite a migraine, but if left unattended they def will turn into one. So obviously, since it was a holiday, I had to get one. I tried to nap my way through it when we got home, but it just would not go away. So I took three extra-strength tylenol and we met E & G for lunch at one of the only places that was open - Cyclone Anaya's. A margarita and quesadillas did not help. Watching the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest didn't help either. So another nap was involved and this time I woke up feeling much better. I have no idea what causes these. Doesn't seem to be dehydration or lack of caffeine. Something to do with salt maybe? I need to figure it out. I hadn't been getting them lately, but Friday's was pretty bad.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good, although I have zero pictures to show for any of it. We cooked Thursday night before the race, I hung out at the pool for a while on Saturday and Sunday, I had more mexican for dinner Friday and Sunday and watched the UFC fights on Saturday night. Wish it had been a four day weekend instead of three, but it wasn't so back to work I go.


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