A look back at last week

So last week my goal was to cook every day. And what did I do that first night? Went to Berryhill. But oh how I love it there. After that I was relatively good though.

Tuesday night after the Local Pour run I made my new favorite chicken salad the cheater way - we bought already cooked and shredded chicken and guacamole bc there were no ripe avocados.

Wednesday night there were some fights on and one of our friends was looking for a home cooked meal so I made the one dish salmon again, this time adding in two pieces of salmon pinwheels that had feta and spinach in them...amazing.

Thursday night I was feeling pretty lazy...so I picked up some read-to-bake pizza from the Fresh Market and a bottle of red...which I drank in it's entirety as we watched Lawless. Oops.

I know I was pretty decent with lunch too, although I can barely remember what I ate. Except for Weds when I had a lunch meeting at Dish Society. So good. I had a chicken pesto sandwich with goat cheese and a side of brussel sprouts with balsamic glaze and bacon. Yum. Definitely need to go back there soon. Don't be surprised if all of my upcoming lunch meetings happen here.

Then it was my last spring Friday. I will totally miss having every other Friday off. It was nice to just hang out and do nothing. Until the water in my apartment complex got shut off so they could fix a water main. That led to lunch out at Salata - love that place with their cheap, healthy salads and wraps. We hung out (I napped for two hours) before heading down the street to surprise, surprise El Tiempo for dinner. It had been a minute since I'd had the chicken quesadillas (not bc we hadn't been in a while, I've just been trying new things), so S and I split those. When we got back to my place after dinner I still didn't have any water! So rude. It was almost 10pm. When I called 311 for info, they told me midnight! But it came back on not long after that.

When did this turn into a food blog? More about running and everything else soon, I swear.

Saturday morning I had to be up and out of the house early to meet Erin and drive out to College Station-ish to attend a memorial service for a woman who used to sit on our Board of Directors. I didn't know her well, but I was happy I went. The service was beautiful.

I finally got to spend some time at the pool on Sunday and then we went to Pistoleros for dinner with E & G. Had never been there before, it was pretty good. $3 margaritas for happy hour...good thing they're not like the El Tiempo margs bc we had quite a few.

So after all that eating relatively healthy last week, I only worked out three times. I ran Monday, Tuesday and Sunday and that was it. Wait, did I run Monday? I think so. So now I have to combine the two. Need to go grocery shopping for this week and set my running/rowing schedule. Slowly but surely. I'll get there. The goal this week is to run at least 15 miles and go to at least two row classes. We'll see how this goes.


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