Happy Friday

Every day I've had the best intentions to update this blog, I swear. Life just gets in the way some times. And now it's Friday and this is only my second post of the week. But...I love Fridays so who cares?

Works been fairly busy, I ran three times this week, will head to Row after work today, had some much-needed bellinis at Berryhill the other night, started Orange is the New Black on netflix and cooked almost every night this week.

Still working on booking a trip for next month. Although all of the sudden prices and miles per flight have skyrocketed. Maybe should not have procrastinated quite so long this time.

Not much on tap for this weekend either...yet. There's a track meet in Glasgow this afternoon. May lay low and watch a movie tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bajillion degrees out so I think the pool is in order and then maybe happy hour at Oishi - love me some sushi. ANd I got nothing on Sunday yet except sleeping in. Lazy weekends are amazing sometimes.

I'll work on being a better blogger next week bc, quite frankly, I miss writing and blogging and, you know, sharing way too much info with you all.


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