Weekend recap

I love long weekends and this one was no exception. Even if I didn't go anywhere. I had been thinking about a road trip to New Orleans, but that idea came crashing down when I found out I had to have the catalytic converter in my Honda replaced. In case you were wondering, those aren't cheap. So I scratched the trip and dropped my car off this morning. Now, back to my weekend.

Saturday I got up and went to Zumba and had my @ss kicked. The teacher just never let up, it was pretty intense. After a nap at the pool (aren't you jealous?), I had an appointment at Nordstrom's. Bobbi Brown was having an event and I love any excuse to have someone do my makeup. Now, I didn't have to buy anything but the girl kept talking up the bronzer brush she was using. So I thought I could use a new brush and told her I would get that. When she rang it up it was $52! Plus tax. I will be returning that soon. Later that night, I went out with E and her friend E for sushi and then drinks. It was a great time, but infort no pics of my cute makeup.

Sunday and Monday were relaxing. And boring. I hung out at the pool for a while on Sunday, got some shopping done and then had myself a Burn Notice marathon bc somehow I missed the entire last season and the new and final season is starting soon. Monday I went and saw Fast and Furious 6. By myself. Love this franchise. Thought this movie was pretty good. And with most of it set in London I, of course, started thinking about wanting to move there again. :)

It was also Memorial Day. 


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