Summer is coming

We're now in the middle of May. First of all, how did that happen? And second of all, this is usually when I'd be thinking 'Yay, summer is coming!' But now that I live in Houston, I feel like it's almost been summer since February. At least, that's when I first turned on my air conditioner in the new year.

But still. Summer is coming.

Last year, I was gearing up to spend time with the fam at our beach house. Living in CT had meant just a three hour drive to South Jersey to spend some time with my adorable nephew Hunter and the rest of the family at the beach.

This year, being in Texas, not sure what the plans are just yet. It's highly doubtful that I will fly home this summer. But maybe I'll take a weekend trip somewhere in Texas. There are beaches here. Or go to New Orleans for a few days. That would be fun.


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