Scandal drinking game

It's my favorite day of the week, Scandal Thursday! and I'm off tomorrow so I googled something to do during tonight's episode.  Cheers!
The “Scandal” Drinking Game Rules:
  • Drink whenever Olivia or her team refer to themselves or are referred to as “gladiators.”
  • Drink whenever someone says the phrase “white hat.”
  • Drink when Olivia and the president have a secret night-time phone conversation.
  • Drink when Huck says something that makes everyone else uncomfortable.
  • Drink when Huck is socially awkward.
  • Drink when Quinn screws something up.
  • Drink when the musical montage begins after the team has accepted a case.
  • Drink when Olivia refers to the president as “Fitz.”
  • Drink when Mellie intentionally sabotages the president for her own benefit.
  • Drink when Mellie gets her crazy eyes.
  • Drink when Olivia’s lips quiver before she goes off on somebody.
  • Drink when Cyrus orders Charlie to put out a hit/spy on somebody.
  • Drink when Olivia has a glass of wine and/or eats popcorn for dinner.
  • Drink when Olivia wears something other than white.
  • Drink whenever Harrison defends Olivia.
  • Drink whenever someone mentions “Defiance.”
  • Finish your drink when Olivia actually smiles.
  • Finish your drink when the president and Mellie actually show genuine affection to each other.
  • Finish your drink when someone gets the jump on Huck.
  • Finish your drink when you didn’t see that coming (no cheating).


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