Here's what: May 2

Today is my Friday! Here's what three things I'm obsessed with this week...
You know me, I rarely have weekend plans. And that was true of this weekend. Until Tuesday. That is when I got an email from my friend G's boss. I had told her back when I volunteered at the Indoor Championships that I would probably be available to help with Outdoors. So Tuesday I got a mass email from her thanking me for volunteering and telling me to be at the track one hour before the events I was working each day. Umm. What? It's no problem because I didn't have plans anyway, but she's very lucky I was already off on Friday. Oh and the track? It's 30 miles away and it's a three day meet. Awesome.
If you've been paying attention lately, you know I've been eating way too much mexican food. I just can not help myself. Chuy's is less than a mile away from my apartment. And it is so dang good. I had it three times last week! If you don't eat there already, you should. And if you come out to visit me, we should go there.

A twofer. I need these books. They are currently sitting in my amazon cart, I just have not pulled the trigger yet. I vaguely remember hearing about them last week, but then saw them when I was in Anthropologie the other day - where, of course, they cost almost twice as much as they do on amazon. They do have the U.S. one available broken down into northwest, southeast, etc. But come on. I want the whole thing.


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