Here's what: May 16

It's starting to get hot out there! I finally went for a run after work yesterday and I turned a fantastic shade of red. And it's Thursday. So you's what three things I"m obsessed with this week...
Tonight is the Season finale of Scandal. I can not wait. I even re-watched all of season 1 and 2 over this past weekend so that I could remember what had happened so far in light of last week's revelations.
It's just about summer time. And the weather in Houston has been going that way for a while. Which means it's time to sit by the pool with a book and work on my tan. So my sis pinned this website for swimsuits. And they're super cute. But not that reasonably priced. The one in the picture above is $200!
If I'm going to be running this summer in this disgusting humidity, I might need a few more shirts to work out in. Ones that breathe and have upf in them. Any excuse to go shopping!


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