Weekend recap

The weekend has unfortunately come to an end.

Clearly I started this Monday, it's now Tuesday and I'm trying to finish it.

Friday after work I rushed over to hot yoga. Great class, but once it was over I sat down in my apt and didn't end up going to the store to get food for dinner til almost 9! But with a 10k race int he morning, I needed to eat a good dinner.So of course I had salmon, duh. And some pasta and veggies.

But I couldn't sleep much Friday night and the alarm went off way too early on Saturday. There was a hot minute where I thought maybe I should stay in bed, but I didn't. Up and out of the house and downtown for the 10k. My legs felt pretty tired throughout most of the run, which is why I was shocked when my first mile was 7:51 and that my overall pace ended up being 8:29. Of course, my watch said 6.4 miles so my official pace was actually 8:40. Rude. I rushed home after the race, changed my shirt and went right to hot yoga. I did not not feel like waiting around until 2pm for the next class. Plus I really needed that stretch after the run.

After yoga, I headed straight to my pool! to start a new book. It was a beautiful day out. Already hot from hot yoga, I had no idea how burnt I was getting. When will I learn how much closer I am to the sun down here in Texas. Maybe next time. So after a few hours I went inside. Time sure does fly for me when I'm reading a good book. I know, I know, I'm a nerd. So what? All of a sudden it was 7pm and I was getting hungry. So where did we go? El Tiempo. It had been a minute, probably not that long, and their margaritas are amazing. 

I was on the fence about yoga Sunday morning, hot yoga and sunburn are not a great combo, but once S told me he might wanna go, obviously I had to make that happen. He waffled right up until the deadline I gave him and then said he was in. It was hot, it's supposed to be, and when we left he said it was horrible. But I know he likes it, we already talked about going back. He went and ran after, bc he's crazy, and then it was time for my favorite part of any Sunday - brunch. Dish Society brunch and prickly pear mimosas, yumm. Some errands, some more mimosas and that was basically the end of my weekend.

Monday K messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to Local Foods for lunch. Duh. Finally got back into the gym last night and then cooked again. I'm loving my new knives, even though I haven't cooked anything outrageous yet they sure do making cutting things up easier. 

Two more days left in the work week for me! It's my Friday off this week...yay!

Playing with knives.

Healthy dinner on a Friday.

Bayou City Classic 10k

What my watch said for the first mile...

Relaxing by the pool after the 10k and hot yoga

Bc who doesn't take a dog to Sunday brunch?

Gotta love prickly pear mimosas


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