Running is hard

I've been trying to run more and it's slowly getting better.

For the past few months, I've been having tightness in my hips when I run. I just started going to hot yoga a few weeks ago and it really seems to help. 

On Tuesday I ran with a group at Luke's Locker's Social Run and did my 4 miles at an 8:51 pace...this was a day after a hard workout at the gym so even though it was slower than last week, I was still pretty happy with it. Especially that last 8:20 mile. I always push hard at the end of group runs. Eveything is a competition to me and I'm kind of ok with that. 

Wednesday was just Yoga and then Thursday I did am yoga, tried to run a few miles and then did pm yoga too. I went for a run by my apt, I haven't been running over here lately, and my hips were locking up again. Maybe it's the sidewalks by my place that bother me so much. I was so excited to move somewhere where I could run and now it bothers my hips? Ugh. 

It was a very light running week for me otherwise. I took Friday and Saturday off and just did yoga bc I was supposed to run a half Sunday morning. Well. Life for in the way and I did not make it to the start line. I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't get to run, my short runs have been going so well I wanted to see how long I could hold that kind of pace. 

Not sure when the next half is tho, so it may be time to just focus on the shorter 5 and 10ks that are coming up. Speed work, gym work, yoga...sounds like a plan to me. 


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