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Meet Lola

If you follow me on facebook or Instagram, then you know that I have a new addition to my family - Lola the french bulldog. 

I have wanted a french bulldog dog for years and when S got Gordeaux last year I was ridicously jealous. I've been seriously watching the rescue sites for a few months now and Lola (posted as Dora, more later) came up last weekend. 

I wanted a puppy. But let's be realistic. Frenchie puppies are ridiculously expensive and any puppy is going to require a serious time commitment. So I had been looking at rescues, who wouldn't want to give an unwanted dog a better life?

Lola was rescued from a mill. They say she's about six years old and has had a few litters. The guy who had her out in the boonies of Texas performed is own c sections 😳 and it seems had little to no interaction with her outside of breeding her. She didn't answer to Dora and has no basic training other than being crate trained. So I basically got a six year old puppy. You get what you wish for right? She's adorable and sweet, so submissive that it makes me a little sad and I love her to death already.

She was quite the ways away, so S joined me for the roadtrip so that someone would be able to sit with her on the way home. When we got back, on the way into my apt it was like she had never seen stairs before. And she probably hadn't. The rescue was a ranch and God knows where the breeder kept her. Then we introduced her to Gordeaux and they got along famously. He brought her out of her shell and they played around for a while. It makes me hopeful that she will come around quickly.

Boy was she dirty. After S and Gordeaux left, it was time to give her a bath. Three times I washed her and she is clean, but still a little stinky. I want to wash her again or maybe take her to a groomer, but she did not like it so I think I'll wait a few days. 

She's got a ton of energy, well for a frenchie - she still naps a lot, but there are some things she just doesn't know. Like how to jump. She doesn't jump into the car, or up on the couch. I was going to have her sleep in the bed with me, but I'll have to pick her up and put her there until we can figure out the jumping. Last night we slept on the couch. 

Today we just mostly hung out at the house after a trip to the pet store. I want her to get used to me and my place before I start taking her out with me. 

We've got a lot to work on, but I can't wait. I'm so excited to have Lola with me now. 


  1. She's so adorable! Wow, what a horrible life she was rescued from :( But it sounds like she'll come around in no time.

    I'm obsessed with Boston Terriers but would only ever adopt/rescue...thanks for sharing how you found Lola; good to know for future research...


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